AS3646B 2:1 MIPI D-PHY (3.0Gbps) 4-Data Lane Switch

TheAS3646B is a four data lane MIPI, D-PHY switch. This single pole, double throw(SPDT) switch is optimized for switching between two high speed or low powerMIPI sources. The AS3646B is designed for the MIPI specification and allowsconnection to a CSI or DSI module.

The AS3646Bis compatible with the requirements of Mobile Industry Processor Interface(MIPI). The low-capacitance design allows the AS3646B to switch signals thatexceed 1.6GHz in frequency. Superior channel-to-channel crosstalk immunityminimizes interference and allows the transmission of high-speed differentialsignals and single-ended signals, as described by the MIPI specification,Compatible with FSA646.

TheAS3646B is offered in Green 36-ball WLCSP package and is specified over anambient temperature range of -40˚C to 85˚C.


nSwitchType: SPDT (10x)

nSignalTypes: --MIPI, D-PHY

nWide VCCRange: 1.5V to 5.0V

nInputSignals: 0 to 1.3V


--6Ω Typical HS MIPI

--6Ω Typical LP MIPI

nRON : 0.1Ω Typical LP &HS MIPI

nRON_FLAT:0.9Ω Typical LP &HS MIPI

nICCZ:0.5uA Maximum

nICC:30uA Typical

nOIRR:-30dB Typical


nXtalk: -38dBTypical

nCON:1.5pF Typical

nSkew ofOpposite Transitions of the Same Output: 6ps Typical

nRoHSand Green Compliant

n36B,2.38mm X 2.38mm WLCSP Packages

n-40℃to +85 ℃ Temperature Range


nDualCamera for Smart Phones

nDualLCD Monitor, Digital Camera Displays

nMediaTablets/Storage & Peripherals

nWirelessLAN Card & Broadband Access


Typical Applications: